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Spring and autumn are exciting times for anyone who watches birds. Here on this blog we will make predictions about when to expect migrant arrivals and departures, so that you know when and where to see these well-travelled birds.

Friday 20 May 2011

Migration slows down

It's been a much quieter week this week and it really does seem like the main thrust of migration is over. However it appears that there are still good numbers of House Martins missing from breeding colonies and these birds could arrive any time.  Rarities continue to turn up and this week has seen a Gull-billed Tern in Norfolk, Black-winged Stilt and yet another Red-rumped Swallow, this time on the Isles of Scilly. Not a day seems to have gone by this Spring without a Red-rumped Swallow or a Bee-eater somewhere in the country.  

Bee-eater by John Harding

The weather continues to come from the west and this will largely keep any movements down, particularly when the winds are of any strength.  Migrants will continue to arrive for at least another 2 weeks and we should see those tardy House Martins and Spotted Flycatchers.  We are also just coming in to the peak time for Quail.

Don't forget if you want to listen to Nightingales in song, they will only be singing for the next two weeks, going quiet at the beginning of June.   The Nightingale is one of our fastest decline summer migrants, if you would like to help us find out more about the reasons for the decline, please support our new Nightingale Appeal.

Above: Nightingale by Edmund Fellowes

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